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Not too long ago if you had to change doctors or visit a specialist you had to wait until one doctor sent your records to the other before treatment could begin. Worse, if you were in the emergency room the ER personnel may have difficulty finding out what past medical problems you have experienced, especially if you are visiting a facility for the first time.

Keeping a file of your medical records has long been recommended, but most people could not easily carry their life’s medical past with them with bringing along a large file folder. At least until now. One of the newest apps for the iPhone, My Life record is a place where you can store your medical history to provide an official copy of your medical records directly from your iPhone. It is supported by the operating systems for the iPhone and iPad Touch as well as on your MAC or PC, along with Android powered Smartphones.

The HIPPA law that dictates medical record privacy also guarantees that every patient is able to receive a copy of their medical record and carries the stipulation your physician must provide to you. By keeping a copy of your past health with My Life Record if you are out of town on vacation and need to see a new doctor, the information you can provide with your permanent medical record can prove invaluable in recommending treatment. Allergies listed in your records can be life-saving and will ensure any treatment follows any treatment that is already in progress.

Why My Life Record

my life record android app

My Life Record helps you organize and maintain all y our important medical records... your TRUE medical record, not just information you've put in it - your official record.

The best thing about My Life Record is that it is a legal verifiable copy of your medical records. Using the new technology you can retain a copy for your own use or for sharing with medical professionals, as well with your family. You can also use the app to make notes for yourself to pull up later to ask your doctor about changes in your well-being or other things you notice and may forget about before your next visit.

Whenever you visit your doctor, or a different doctor or hospital they all ask for a current list of any medication, and My Life Record has a dedicated section for that information. Most people will know what prescriptions they are on but may fail to mention any over-the-counter medications they use. This can be valuable to your physicians as some OTC drugs can interact with prescription medications. With a simple click you can add a medication, dosage information and when it was prescribed, or eliminated, to create a permanent record of your prescription history.

My Life Record can also save information about your lab results and for people with high cholesterol or other acute disorder this can provide valuable information about changes you may need to make in your lifestyle. You can also store images that are part of your medical history to help track any changes that may have occurred in X-rays, MRIs or ultrasound. Actually seeing the image provides more information than simply reading about what the physician saw on the image.

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