Known Apple iPhone 4 Issues

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone, as every iteration of the Jesus Phone has had issues, but some of these just seem weird.  On the bright side, most of them are easily fixed, by buying an iPhone condom (Available from Apple for $30).

Here are the big ones:

1) It shatters… like glass

Let’s be honest here, not even the magical Steve Jobs in all his infinite wisdom can stop glass from doing what glass does… it shatters with enough impact (even bulletproof glass does).  Of course, most smartphones have issues like this, especially those that opt for glass as the iPhone does.  However, I still can’t figure out why it has glass on both sides – that’s just asking for trouble.


2) Scratches

One of the reasons to use glass over plastic is that it’s more scratch resistant.  However, that doesn’t make it scratch proof, even the special hardened glass (Gorilla Glass)  used on the iPhone 4.


3) That funky antenna

Good ol Steve made a big deal about how the  exterior metal band around the iPhone 4 and how it was some kind of technological breakthrough.  As it turns out, that means that holding the phone by the metal part of the phone makes the phone drop calls.   Hmm, maybe that’s why no one else used this “revolutionary” antenna before…


Now, like I said – those are all easily fixed and not necessarily dealbreakers – just buy a case for it and you shouldn’t have any problems.

4) Yellow Spots

This one is probably the least annoying one long term as it goes away (supposedly) after you use it for a while, but many people are reporting that the phone has yellow spots on the “retina display” which Apple has said is a residue from the manufacturing process.


Have any other issues for your iPhone 4 that I missed or anything you’d like to add?

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