3 Mobile Games You Simply HAVE To Play

Are you going to be part of the mobile game craze? If you decide that it is for you, here are three games you don’t want to miss!

Temple Run

temple run

This action based game revolves around the story line of an explorer attempting to steal an idol from a temple. The game is literally endless in action because it will just keep loading more challenges for the player to get through until he or she fails to do so.

In the game, the player is being chased down by “demonic monkeys” who are attempting to capture the hero and thus end the game. There are also several other obstacles that the hero must face while trying to run away from these demonic monkeys. The game is played by tilting the iPad or iPhone to make jumping and avoiding moves.

The fun of this game is that the action is literally endless. It is just a constant challenge to push yourself to last longer and longer in the game. It is mostly a reaction time testing game. There are few other skills that one would need to be good at this one. Even though it is such a simplistic game, it is one of the top 50 downloaded games on the App Store.

Draw Something

draw something

A game title that is a command, nice! There is something to be said for a game that helps unlock our artistic abilities. That game currently is Draw Something. Not only are players challenged to draw pictures, but the other participants in the game must attempt to guess what the pictures are. They are given a certain amount of letters that are contained in the word to do this. However, those letters are jumbled up so that the participant actually has to figure out what the other person is drawing. Thus, it could be argued that this game is challenging people on more than just one level.

Draw Something took off as a mobile app almost instantly. In its first five weeks on the scene it grabbed some 20 million downloads. After 50 days it was up to 50 million downloads. That is an incredible rate for any app to be downloaded, and it is a good thing this one did become so popular. The game itself requires many players playing with each other all the time. Players get to choose when to log in and play the game, so it is nice to have many friends who are playing all at once to keep the action rolling. With this many people downloading the game, it should not be a problem for most!

Angry Birds Space

Continuing the popular Angry Birds genre, Angry Birds Space is just the latest addition to this very well known series. In this game birds are launched into block structures in an attempt to knock them over. Earlier versions of the Angry Birds games had a flat screen surface to the game, but this space version does not. Each level has its own 3-D field of play and its own amount of gravity. These things actually have an impact on the trajectory of the birds that are launched. Thus, these new factors do impact the whole game quite a bit.

Angry Birds lovers need to have the space version to experience the very latest in this storied game. There are so many things about this version that you do not want to miss out on.

Mobile games are likely to continue their rise in popularity. More people than ever have mobile devices capable of playing these games, and those numbers are only rising. If this trend keeps up, it is exciting to think about all of the great games that will be released in the near future.

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